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Surprise your man with an unforgettable lap dance! Strip To It – Bump n’ Grind gives you everything you need for a sexy lap dance and striptease. You get a DVD with 120 minutes of instructional video, plus a CD fully packed with 74 minutes of non-stop music, all in one package. The Strip To It – Bump n’ Grind DVD contains exclusive video from four different dancers, including award winning exotic dancer and fitness model Fawnia Mondey. Each dancer first discusses general tips and techniques for performing a striptease and lap dance. Then they describe and demonstrate simple striptease and lap dance moves that any woman can quickly learn. Finally, they put it all together into a full demonstration dance with music. The DVD is organized by dancer, with separate chapters for each section, so that you can quickly jump to sections you wish to see. Pick the dancer that matches your style and attitude, or mix and match technique4s from several dancers! Techniques are shown for doing a lap dance on either a couch or a chair, along with plenty of general striptease techniques. The Strip To It – Bump n’ Grind music CD was designed specifically with lap dancing in mind! If you’ve ever been to a strip club, you would know that one song is never enough for a lap dance, or even a simple striptease. We arranged the music on the Strip To It – Bump n’ Grind CD into sets of non-stop music, so that you can take your time doing your dance without any of those awkward pauses between songs that you’ll find on most CDs. The music on Strip To It – Bump n’ Grind is something that you’ll enjoy listening to long after you’ve gotten everything you can from the video. We spent over a year working on the music for Strip To It – Bump n’ Grind with some of the top professional studio musicians and hottest independent R&B and Hip-Hop rising stars, including award winning R&B vocalist Aneel, award winning rap group Rebetz, and chart topping producer/composer Da Brayne.

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