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Combining Eastern wisdom and techniques with a Western medical perspective, Jill Blakeway-called a "fertility goddess" by The New York Times for her bestseller, Making Babies-shows women how to revive their libidos and rekindle their sex lives. Assessments and quizzes help the reader place herself and her partner on the scale of yin and yang. Jill then shows how to keep these opposites-passive/active, accepting/initiating, cool/hot-in correct balance. Specific meditations and breathing techniques help unblock qi (pronounced chee), the essential energy that flows through the body. There are chapters on specific elements of love-making: massage, kissing, positions, orgasms-having them, holding them, making them last. And finally, "Sex in Six," a six-week program of reclaiming an active, satisfying, and possibly better-than-ever-before sex life. The book is full of case studies, fun "Do It Now" suggestions, and "He Said" boxes written by the author’s husband and medical partner, Noah Rubinstein. It addresses common sexual dysfunctions, healthy hormones, and herbal remedies. Sex Again provides a path to balance and emotional wisdom-individually and as a couple.

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