New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups


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In The New Naked, Dr. Fisch brings readers the ultimate sex education for grown-ups. This indispensable guide:

  • Helps couples master bedroom basics they were never taught in any health class
  • Lays bare both men’s and women’s various sexual needs and perceptions
  • Shows couples how to decode their partner’s sex speak, navigate the risky business of porn, medical issues, and bad bedroom habits, and fulfill each other’s fantasies. 
  • Unlocks the secrets to successful foreplay with Dr. Fisch’s unique LSD system (Listening + Security + Desire), a three-step approach to put the sizzle back in sexy time!

Packed with easy-to-follow advice and stories from real couples, The New Naked will prime partners for the greatest sex of their life-and the happiest relationship too.

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