Manhattan Madam’s Secrets to Great Sex


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This book is a must for any gal out on the dating scene! Drawn from her top-secret manual used to train her high-end escorts, The Manhattan Madam’s Secrets to Great Sex teaches women how to seduce a man completely and keep him intrigued-before and after the clothes come off. Covering everything from body language and sexual technique to charm and flirtation, as well as figuring out his secret fantasies (and how you can become them), this is the ultimate manual to getting and keeping any man. Be irresistible to men-both in and out of the bedroom with juicy secrets that include:

  • How to play hard to get without playing games
  • Techniques for teasing and pleasing
  • How to respect yourself and call the shots
  • Handling a man with kinks and quirks

Kristin Davis, the famous "Manhattan Madam," reveals the seduction and sexual techniques that her clients paid thousands of dollars an hour for, garnering her one of the largest and flashiest client list in the industry in this tell-all guide.

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