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Offering immense flexibility to the most adventurous couples, LELO’s new Etherea Silk Cuffs are perfect for restraint at the wrist or the ankle and can be tied as tightly or loosely as desired. Two of the softest suede cuffs ever made with LELO’s signature jacquard pattern on the other side are coupled with delicately woven silk restraints made from 100% pure silk and are long enough to make Etherea fit for the most devious restraining. There is no more sensual adventure for couples exploring their deepest desires. LELO blindfolds and sensual restraints are made from 100% pure silk with accents of high-quality suede, pearls and body-safe coated metal rings. Each piece is presented in a stunning outer box decorated with beautiful imagery and a product description in 5 different languages. The inner packaging includes a black gift box ideal for storage with a tissue enveloping each piece. One size fits most. Dry Clean Only.

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